Home Sweet Home

It’s so lovely to be back home after 2 weeks away in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We had an amazing time taking in all the sights and attractions in Singapore and Malaysia and meeting up with long time friends.  We also enjoyed so many wonderful dishes during our trip!

The stunning super trees at Marina Bay.

We were also incredibly blessed by our Church conference in Malaysia where 1,000 leaders and volunteers across 6 countries gathered in Malaysia to soak in the presence of God and be inspired by amazing preaching.  Our Church started off with 4 people in an apartment in Malaysia nearly 10 years ago and now we have 11,000 people across Perth (Australia), Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Botswana and the Philippines.  It’s certainly a privilege to see God moving!  (Check out Kingdomcity :))

The only thing that was a little challenging during our trip was the continuous haze that enveloped Singapore and Malaysia while we were there.  According to the newspapers and the locals, nearby Indonesia has for years been slashing and burning their farm land around September and October (sometimes earlier), which means that the surrounding countries are affected by the smoke from the burning.  Approximately 7,000 schools cancelled school for 2 days in Malaysia and Singapore cancelled school for 1 day during our 2 week stay.  It was a little worrying when the air quality site declared that the air quality was “hazardous” and we were still out and about exploring the various sites!

The skyscrapers enveloped by haze!
Cable cars were closed due to the haze, but thankfully re-opened in the afternoon in time for us!
Miss 6 insisted on wearing her mask while outside! Many of the locals donned masks too.
Miss 6 insisted on wearing her mask while outside! Many of the locals donned masks too.

While in Singapore, we visited Universal Studios, the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, the SEA Aquarium, the Zoo, Marina Bay and took a cable car ride too.  Our absolute favourite as a family was the stunning aquarium.  We were mesmerised by the marine life and how well it was all done with beautiful music playing in the main aquarium area.  I thought the girls would enjoy Universal Studios or the Zoo more, but the aquarium definitely had their full attention.

A diver feeding the marine life at the SEA Aquarium.
A very special moment for Miss 3 🙂



The stunning super trees in the Marina Bay area.  They actually changed colours throughout the night.

Oh hi! (At Universal Studios)

Food, glorious food!!



We didn’t do much shopping in Singapore as it was really quite expensive.  A friend of mine remarked that it’s surpassed New York in terms of costliest cities to live in.

I did pick up this gorgeous skirt from Bugis market for a steal at $6!!!  It might be one of the costliest cities to live in the world, but I had to prove to myself my bargain hunting skills were transferable to any city! 😛

We did so much while we were in Singapore, I feel like these photos don’t do it justice.  We had a wonderful time and will certainly be back (hopefully sooner rather than later) to enjoy many more of the city’s sights and attractions.

I can’t wait to share about the Malaysian part of our travels next time. 🙂


PS. I’ve missed you my fellow bloggers!  I had the best of intentions to blog while we were away, but had way too much fun and couldn’t bear to be stuck in front of a computer screen while there were sights to see and friends to catch up with! 😛

PPS. Thank you also to all the very kind bloggers who have nominated me for wonderful awards!! I’m quite behind with it all, but hope to catch up on these soon. X


22 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Where do I start? Cute skirt! Way to find a deal! What a cute picture of your little girl and the butterfly! So glad you had a nice time. The food looks great. I hadn’t heard about the haze, that’s scary. Great to hear about how blessed you were, that’s wonderful. God is so good:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sadie! I love a good bargain and clearly polka dots!! 😛
      Miss 3 loved the butterfly. We were the only people in our tour group to get up close to the butterfly. The rest were in such a hurry to keep up, but I spied the butterfly on the ground drying its wings and the keeper asked if we’d like to hold it!! It was so special!
      Thank God we were all well throughout the trip despite the haze. Perhaps we’re allergic to clean air since we only fell ill when we got home 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a lovely post, Bec, and I’m so happy you and your family had a wonderful time! The entire trip sounded wonderful (sorry about the haze, though!) and what a blessing to read of the church growth! That’s awesome! Your pictures are absolutely lovely! We’ve missed you — it’s wonderful to have you back! 🙂 Welcome back hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wonderful trip for your family! I enjoyed seeing the pictures and am amazed at all the things you did. The aquarium looks incredible. I appreciated hearing about your church, too. How wonderful that it has grown so much! Thanks for sharing your trip, Bec!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed Singapore despite the lingering haze. Your girls are so cute! The aquarium is my son’s favourite too. We would always sit infront of the big fish tank and munch on our honey mustard chips and watch the divers feed the fish to pass time…. hope to read your post on Malaysia soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Singapore was wonderful! So many things to do and see. Next time we’ll bring snacks to the aquarium too!! 🙂
      I haven’t been on wordpress as much lately. The holiday has made me want to get out and about instead of being indoors on my laptop 😛


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