Project Wedding Cupcakes

We’re attending a wedding this Saturday and I promised my friend, the bride to be, that I’d make cupcakes for their special day.  My friend is incredibly laid back and gave me free rein as to the flavour, colour and theme for the cupcakes.  Eeeeks, the pressure!! What if the colours don’t go with everything, what if she envisaged something else??!!  Ok, so the pressure was purely self inflicted, but I want the cupcakes to be perfect for their big day!


I pestered my wonderful friend Lydia about which cupcake case, what style, what colour, which fondant design… long suffering friend was infinitely patient and super helpful with her suggestions and tips.  Thanks sweetie!! 🙂


Here’s one of the styles I tried out.



Let me know what you think :).

The final look involved hearts (sorry butterflies…maybe next time!) which I’ll reveal soon!!

I’m looking forward to a lovely wedding before we fly out on Tuesday to Singapore and Malaysia for 2 weeks.  I can’t wait for the wonderful warm weather, sightseeing and food!!  I’m look forward to sharing some snapshots of our holiday with you too :).

And if you feel the need to make some cupcakes for yourself, maybe try this recipe for vanilla cupcakes. 🙂



42 thoughts on “Project Wedding Cupcakes

    1. Thanks Ongling. My friend vetoed the butterflies ;P
      I was so happy to get the lacy wrappers for $1 for a pack of 12! There was no price tag on them, but the lady at the counter put them through at $1 a pack! I should have gone back and bought more!! 😛

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      1. You are quite welcome! I was telling my husband just last night how cool it is to connect with women all over the world. An unexpected and talented new circle of friends. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the final version!

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  1. Aw Bec, these are lovely! I made cupcakes for my wedding day with my sister and loved it! Really enjoyed having that time with her before getting wed. Very happy memory! Your cakes look beautiful 🙂 Your friend is a super lucky lady! 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, you made your own wedding cupcakes! And how lovely to share that with your sister 🙂
      I would definitely not have been able to make presentable cupcakes for my own wedding….I was not a baker 11 years ago when it was our turn to say “I do”. Funnily, I only discovered baking a few years after marriage and started to enjoy decorating cupcakes and birthday cakes after I had kids 🙂

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      1. I wasn’t that much of a baker myself back then, making pretty cupcakes was probably as far as my baking skills stretched! 🙂 Definitely bake a wider variety now! I can’t wait to see the heart ones you bake 🙂

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