Healthy Caramel Slice / Millionaire’s Shortbread

Ok, confession time.  Despite desserts featuring heavily on this blog, I’m actually not much of a sweet tooth.  Given the choice between say chocolate and a serve of hot chips/fries, I’d choose munching on chips each time :P.  With that said, I actually prefer making desserts over savoury dishes….if that makes any sense?  Thankfully it’s not too hard to find willing volunteers who are prepared to accept my sweet treats. 🙂

Are you a sweet tooth or do you prefer savoury dishes?

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Quick and Easy Curry (Chicken and Vegetarian options)

I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore and even though my family and I moved to Perth as a child, I still adore Asian food.

This is a quick Malaysian style curry.  I’ve tweaked it so it’s a little healthier and lighter as it uses tinned tomatoes instead of coconut cream or milk. I’ve used chicken for this recipe but you can also make a vegetarian version using pan fried haloumi which is a cheese of Cypriot origins.  I also added haloumi to my curry which I personally prefer over the chicken.

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