Too Easy Thai Style Salad

We had a warm spell over the weekend.  It’s August and we’re supposedly in the throes of Winter here in Australia, but we received a welcome reprieve and enjoyed a 25C (77F) day on Saturday and a similarly warm day on Sunday.  Yay!

Unfortunately my 3 year old was sick with a bad cold and I stayed home with her on Sunday, while hubby and my 6 year old went off to Church.  After putting my 3 year old down for a rest, I surveyed the fridge and threw together this super simple salad for my lunch.

Too Easy Thai Style Salad  DSC_1283


Handful of Fried tofu (diced)*

Handful of Cucumber (diced or sliced)

Handful of green beans (blanched and chopped into roughly 5cm pieces) (I had some leftover blanched green beans in the fridge….thankfully one less thing to do)

A few stalks of coriander (chopped)

1 small bird’s eye chilli chopped finely (optional)**

Splash of fish sauce

Splash of sesame oil

1/2 Lemon

1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar

*I buy fried beancurd from my Asian grocers.  It comes in a container of 6 squares and is kept in the fridge section.  You can easily buy tofu and pan fry it if you wish or go with plain firm tofu.  The fried tofu does give the salad more substance and the chewiness gives it a meaty quality.

**These tiny chillies pack a spicy punch, so please feel free to omit or replace with a milder chilli.

The quantities above serve one.  Feel free to make more as you need 🙂


Pop your tofu, cucumber and green beans into a bowl.

Add your fish sauce.  Start with a few drops and taste.  You can always add more if necessary, but don’t go overboard as it can be rather salty.

Add your sesame oil and squeeze in some lemon juice. Sprinkle in your sugar, add your chilli and stir through.

Top with coriander and that’s it!  Lunch is ready 🙂

DSC_1291 I didn’t even bother mixing the dressing separately as this was just for me.  If you’re preparing for more than one, I would suggest preparing the dressing separately, ensuring that the brown sugar is mixed thoroughly and dissolved in the fish sauce and lemon juice before pouring it over your salad ingredients.


It was delish, with just a skerrick of preparation. Fresh, zingy with a kick from the chill.  Perfect for tired mums who’ve been looking after sick kids or for a quick and easy meal or a side salad to go with something more substantial.



Spring…..please send reinforcements.  I’m formally issuing Winter an eviction notice!




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