Hello and Welcome to What’s Bec Cooking!

Welcome to What’s Bec Cooking.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I’m incredibly excited to finally start this blog. I love to cook for my family and friends and this blog was born as a result of friends asking for recipes and cooking tips over the years. I love to experiment with recipes and I’m a neurotic googler when it comes to planning my children’s birthday parties.

I often go home after a great meal at a café or restaurant and wonder if I could recreate it at home. Sometimes it’s easier to simply go back and pay someone else to prepare that great meal, but many times I’ve discovered it’s actually easier, cheaper and healthier to cook my version at home.

So with a flurry of fairy dust and a sprinkle of glitter, I present you with a recipe to change your life forever…….ok, that might be a slight overstatement, but it will most certainly impress family and friends.

Bonjour Palmiers!

DSC_0714These buttery sugary treats are flaky, crispy and delicious. My 6 year old calls them butterfly or love heart biscuits and while they appear complicated to make they are oh so very simple. For a start, there are 2 ingredients! Yes, 2!!

You’ve probably seen them in patisseries or cafes for a pretty penny, but get set to enter into a whole new world.  You’ll wonder how you ever paid for these in the past.

Recipe for Palmiers DSC_0708


2 Defrosted sheets of frozen puff pastry*

2 tablespoons of white or caster sugar**

* Your pastry sheets should be cool but pliable. Don’t let them thaw too long especially on hot days as they will be hard to roll and slice.

** I use raw sugar when I make these at home, but white or caster sugar gives a prettier, more refined look.



Rolling pin

Sharp serrated knife


Small bowl for your sugar


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees (20 degrees lower if you have a fan forced oven).

Line your baking trays with baking paper.

Lay out your puff pastry and sprinkle about 2 teaspoons of sugar all over the pastry. Take your rolling pin and roll the sugar into the pastry or simply use your hands to press the sugar in. You’re aiming for the sugar to stick to the pastry, not flatten the pastry so please don’t roll too hard.

Take one edge and begin rolling the pastry very loosely into the centre. Rolling it loosely gives it room to puff up. You won’t get a nice puff if the pastry is rolled too tightly. Take the other edge and finish rolling into the centre.

Your rolled pastry should look something like this. DSC_0615 Using your serrated knife, start slicing the pastry into 1-1.5 cm pieces. DSC_0619 Once I’ve finished slicing, I rearrange the slices so they look like hearts again. DSC_0626      DSC_0625     I then dip each side of the pastry into the sugar and lay each slice on the lined tray. Leave a little room between the pastry slices as they will puff up. Keep slicing, dipping and laying out the pastry until it’s used up.  I normally fill about 2 large trays. DSC_0624 They’re now ready to go into the middle rack of your oven.

When I first started baking, many years ago, I used to put everything into the top rack. I’m not sure why, I just thought, that’s the hottest spot, it’ll cook faster. But that’s a rookie mistake. Cakes baked on the top rack will rise beautifully, but when taken out of the oven will flop almost immediately as they’re cooked outside but disappointingly raw in the middle and sometimes burnt on the top and possibly the bottom too and still raw in the middle. The middle rack is the way to go. It’s where the heat is the most even and your food will hopefully be cooked all the way through.

These gorgeous pastries only need about 10 to 15 minutes in the oven to turn golden brown and crispy. Do watch them in the last couple of minutes as they can go from golden brown to soot and ash very quickly!

Flip them over around the midway mark or earlier if you see them turning brown. They need to bake long enough so that all the moisture is removed to get the crispy centre. You may need to turn them a few times during the last few minutes so they don’t burn but are still in the oven long enough to crisp up.

Voila! You made palmiers!         DSC_0708

You can also add cinnamon to the sugar or dip the baked palmiers into melted chocolate for a more decadent biscuit. You could even experiment with savoury centres like cheese and ham.

Your friends will not believe you made them and they will definitely be impressed. Be sure to take plenty of photos and post away on social media for well deserved gloating rights!



3 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to What’s Bec Cooking!

  1. They look so delicious! Welcome to the blogosphere, I can’t wait to read more from you 🙂 I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other! I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here ❤

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