Naughty and Nice Brownies (Almost Sugar Free Version)

So I have this recipe for brownies.  It’s a little bit naughty but it’s also a little bit nice.

Naughty and Nice Brownies
Naughty and Nice Brownies

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Good For You Chocolate Mousse

Say what?!

Yes, chocolate mousse that’s good for you with no added sugar, no cream and no dairy!

What is this mythological good for you chocolate mousse you speak of?” I hear you holler.

I’m glad you asked.  Here it is….:)

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Christmas in July Cookies

The weather outside is frightful….but the fire is so delightful….

And since we celebrate Christmas here in Australia often on 40 degrees Celsius days, the tradition came about to celebrate Christmas in July (our Winter) so northern hemisphere expatriates could enjoy Christmas celebrations in the brisk weather.

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Winter Cupcakes

It’s July.  And here in Perth, the temperature is plummeting.  Brrrrr!!

I used to love Winter.  The chilly nights, the rainy days, the gorgeous coats and knee high boots.  But now that I’m a mum of young children, I love the warmer weather.  Warm days mean fun outings to the beach, picnics in the park, laundry that dries in a flash and less sniffles and coughs.  Cold wet days means cranky kids (and cranky parents) stuck inside.  Boo :(.  (On a side note, I still love winter fashion:))

I’m missing the warmer days and sunshine.

Hey winter cupcakes… make me smile. 🙂


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